Kiang Nangbah Government College

Government of Meghalaya


Report for the month of September, October and November 2018

Since there were less students who come for an individual session. As a counsellor and with the permission of the women cell member we decided to take a class session of 45 mins for all the classes of 1st semester and 3rd Semester from Arts, Science and commerce Stream. Since we had already conducted a Seminar for the 5th Semester in the month of August.

The topic of interaction with the students was Self-Esteem and Inability to set a goal in life.

The main purpose for the class is to build self-esteem among the students. Helping them to release their fear of failure .There are setbacks and failure that students has face and they get drained, tired and unmotivated and stop trying in their life. Which is why it’s important to make them realized that barrier does not really exist for their new ventures. Some students continue to see those failures in their heads as their barriers that separates them from achieving their goals. Even though there are no real barrier from where they are where they want to go.

Next topic was inability to set goals in life. The class focus on highlighting the very important factors that leads to students not being able to follow the time table set by them. Such as setting more goals, nor being specific and neglecting to see hurdles coming their way.

The session spreads awareness and gave them an idea to set realistic goals that are achievable and also to be positive and to be specific on their goals .

The class was well received, most of the students were very attentive and participated in the session.

  • On 17th September 2018 – 48 students participated from Arts 1st semester.
  • On 19th September 2018 – 29 students participated from BSc 1st Semester.
  • On 21stSeptember 2018 – 73 students participated from BSc 3rd Semester life science.
  • On 24th September 2018 – 27 students participated from Physical Science 1st Semester
  • 0n 26th September 2018 – 48 students participated from Life science 1st semester On 28th September 2018 – 38 students participated from Physical Science 3rd semester.
  • 4th October 2018 to 29th October 2018 starting of Semester examination.
  • On 12th November 2018 – 36 students participated from B.Com 1st semester
  • On 15th November 2018 – 16 students participated from Economics 3rd semester
  • On 19th November 2018 – 19 students participated from commerce 3rd semester
  • On 21st November 2018 – 26 students participated from BSc 3rd semester.
  • On 23rd November 2018 – 12 students participated from Khasi 3rd Semester.
  • On 26th November 2018 – 17 students participated from History 3rd Semester.
  • On 3rd December 2018 – 212 students participated from political science 1st and 3rd semester.
  • On 5th December 2018 – 11 students participated from Education 3rd semester.