Kiang Nangbah Government College

Government of Meghalaya


The Hostel for Boys and Girls Hostel was established in the year 1969 in a rented house. The Boys Hostel was shifted to the present building in the year 1993. The Girls Hostel continue only till the year 1994 and closed. At present we have a new girl’s hostel which will be operated from this year.

  1. SPORT S AND GAMES: - Sports & Game facilities are available in the College Campus.
  2. STORE ROOM :- There is a store room which is used for keeping food material and other goods & materials

KITCHEN AND DINING HALL : - There is a kitchen and a Dining hall where student have their breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

EMPLOYEE OF THE HOSTEL: - This Hostel is managed by the superintendent along with 2(two) cooks, 1(one) cleaner cum sweeper, 1(one) day chowkidar who is in-charge of the water pump.

MANAGEMENT OF THE HOSTEL: - The Hostel was managed by the superintendent along with the member of the Hostel Committee of the College. We also have Hostel Rules and Regulations for both the Boys and Girls Hostel.



Admission to the hostels of Kiang Nangbah Govt. College and their management shall be made as per the following rules:-

  1. Admission session started from the month of April - July.
  2. Admission notice should be issue by the Hostel Committee.
  3. Allotment of a seat should be given only to the rural based students and the annual income of their parent should not exceed Rs.60,000/- per annum.
  4. Only regular students will be admitted in the Hostel.
  5. A failed student who is readmitted in the College cannot secure a seat in the Hostel.
  6. Selection would be done on a merit basis.
  7. All Hostel fees should be paid in the College office in advance for one year and the fee counterfoil submitted to the Superintendent prior to occupying the Hostel room/seat. Anyone found violating this shall forfeit his or her Hostel seat.


1. Seats shall be allotted for one academic year at a time, to be renewed on application in the prescribe form.

2. The maximum duration of residence shall ordinarily be as follows:

  1. Three academic years (6 Semesters) for graduate students.
  2. All the selected hostellers must join the Hostel within a week from the date of interview.
  3. Hostellers are not allowed to stay during winter vacation.
  4. After the completion of their Final Examination, students shall require to vacate their rooms within 3 days.
  5. Students must take all their belongings with them when leaving the Hostel and the key should be handed over to the Superintendent.


  1. All hostellers should be back in their rooms before the Roll Call at 8.00 P.M.
  2. During study hours, Common Room shall be closed and strict silence shall be observed.
  3. For late stay, hostellers should take permission from the Superintendent.
  4. The Superintendent may grant permission for overnight stay on a written request from the parents/local guardian of the hostellers.
  5. A hosteller who stays out for any length of time without the written permission from the authority shall forfeit his/her seat.
  6. Girls are not allowed to visit the Boy’s Hostel Room and vice versa, and no outsiders are allowed to stay in the Hostel under any circumstances.
  7. Using of Room Heater is strictly prohibited. Water can be heated only in a place provided by the authority.
  8. All kind of music is banned, gambling is strictly prohibited.
  9. Residents shall be personally responsible for the care and cleanliness of the room allotted to them. They shall also be responsible for their belonging, furniture and other items around the hostel campus.
  10. No resident shall remove any property from the Common Room or Dining Room.
  11. Consumption of alcohol and narcotic substances is prohibited. Any resident found violating this rule shall be immediately expelled.
  12. No resident will be allowed to participate organize or to act as a Volunteer in any demonstration or function, social cultural or otherwise, except functions organized by the College or the Hostel authority.


Chairman: Principal

Vice-Chairman: Vice-Principal

Member Secretary: Shri E. Sungoh, Hostel Superintendent (Boys)


  1. 1. Shri S.D. Tynsong
  2. 2. Smt. H. Passah
  3. 3. Dr. P. Suchiang
  4. 4. Smt. L. Phawa