Kiang Nangbah Government College

Government of Meghalaya


Established in the year 1967, the Kiang Nangbah Govt. College (earlier known as the Jowai Government College) has rendered yeoman service in promoting higher education in this part of the state of Meghalaya. Till date a good number of 26 Principals had served the College and had moulded it into a shape of what it is now. I salute all of them! While some are still very active in various circles of social life, some had gone to their heavenly abode. I also salute all the Lecturers, past and present, of the College for their sincere and dedicated service throughout. Starting with a team of only 7 Lecturers, the present strength of Lecturers in the College has gone upto 76 in all the 14 Departments of the Arts, Science and Commerce Streams. The service rendered by the Non-Teaching staff is also highly commendable in the performanceof the works allotted to them.