Kiang Nangbah Government College

Government of Meghalaya


In compliance with the UGC Regulations on Curbing the Menace of Ragging in Higher Educational Institutions, 2009(under Section 26(1)(g) of the University Grants Commission Act, 1956) and as per directives received subsequently from the UGC and the CDC, NEHU in order to prohibit, prevent and eliminate the scourge of ragging in the College, The College has set up an anti-ragging cell with an anti-ragging cell committee with a purpose to look into any matters related to ragging that might happen within or outside the college premises.

It shall be the duty of the Anti-Ragging Squad to be called upon to make surprise raids on hostels, and other places vulnerable to incidents of and having the potential of ragging and shall be empowered to inspect such places.

It shall also be the duty of the Anti-Ragging Squad to conduct an on-the-spot enquiry into any incident of ragging referred to it by the Head of the Institution or any member of the faculty or any member of the staff or any student or any parent or guardian or any employee of a service provider or by any other person, as the case may be; and the enquiry report along with its recommendation shall be submitted to the Anti-Ragging Committee for action under the Clause(a) of Regulation 9.1. Provided that the Anti-Ragging Squad shall conduct such enquiry observing a fair and transparent procedure and the Principles of natural justice and after giving adequate opportunity to the students or student accused of ragging and other witnesses to place before it the facts, documents and views concerning the incident of ragging, and considering such other relevant information as may be required.